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The remuneration for my legal services is always determined by an agreement (contractual remuneration) between the lawyer and the client, depending on the legal and time-consuming nature of the service provided.

If no remuneration is agreed between the client and the lawyer, the amount of non-contractual remuneration is governed by Decree of the Ministry of Justice No. 177/1996 Coll.

Upon agreement of the lawyer with the client, the remuneration can be determined as time, action, lump sum or share remuneration. This price list is indicative and describes standard cases.

Time reward

The contractual remuneration of time is the remuneration when the client pays the lawyer the agreed remuneration according to the number of hours of legal service. The hourly rate ranges from CZK 1,000 without VAT to CZK 3,000 without VAT, depending on the complexity of the case and the time required.

Performance remuneration

Contractual performance remuneration is remuneration determined according to the number of acts of legal service that will be performed in a specific case. What is considered an act of legal service is set by the lawyer's tariff. These include, for example, taking over and preparing legal representation or defense, drawing up a claim or appeal, attending court proceedings, etc.

Flat rate reward

The flat-rate contractual remuneration is suitable for clients with regular need for legal services to a certain stable extent. Usually this is a flat monthly amount for which the client is provided with legal services regardless of their extent in the given period.

In case of drawing up a proposal for personal bankruptcy, the price is set at CZK 4,000 without VAT for individuals, in the case of spouses at CZK 6,000 without VAT.

Share remuneration

The contractual share remuneration is the remuneration, which is agreed by the parties as a share of the result of the thing (ie a percentage of the granted entitlement). I apply the share remuneration in addition to the hourly or action remuneration, especially in cases of debt collection or cash dispute and it is usually 25%.

Since I am a VAT payer, both remuneration and cash expenses are subject to 21% VAT, which will always be added to the agreed remuneration.


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