Looking for a civil lawyer? Do you sell, buy or donate real estate or movable property? Do you want to set up or cancel the lien or easement? Do you conclude a contract for work? Are you going to sign a lease? Do you enforce claims after a traffic accident?

Areas of civil law in which we provide comprehensive legal advice:

  • protection of personality (satisfaction, compensation of non-material damage in money, etc.)
  • consumer contracts and consumer protection (complaints, withdrawal, damages, drafting business conditions, preparation of sample contracts, etc.)
  • property right (owner protection, ownership of flats, non-residential premises, co-ownership, easements, etc.)
  • damages (including claims for damage caused by an unlawful decision by a public authority or maladministration) and unjust enrichment
  • damages and non-material damage following road accidents or criminal offenses
  • inheritance law (assistance in drawing up wills, representation in inheritance disputes, etc.)
  • contract law (sales contracts, work contracts, gift contracts, loan contracts, lease contracts, etc.)
  • securing of obligations (lien, liability, assignment of a claim, etc.)
  • insurance (legal assistance in dealing with an insurance company)
  • recovery of receivables in enforcement or execution proceedings

Do you buy goods in e-hop and the goods do not meet your expectations? We will help you with complaints and possible replacement.

Do you sell or buy real estate? We will write a purchase contract, we will provide safekeeping and a proposal for entry into the Land Register.

Has anyone caused you damage? We'll get it out for you.

Has the contractor not performed the work according to your contract? We will arrange or remove a discount from the price.

Does the bank want you to be reimbursed for early repayment of the mortgage loan? We will discuss with the bank the eligibility and possible reduction.

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