Looking for a family law specialist and attorney? Solving the common property settlement? Do you know which parent is entitled to the child's upbringing after separation? Don't you know how much alimony is? Are you divorcing or solving a divorce and looking for a divorce lawyer or attorney? Are you dealing with paternity?

Areas of family law in which our law firm provides comprehensive legal advice:

  • divorces (both contentious and undisputed) and cancellation of registered partnerships
  • narrowing of common property of spouses
  • invalidity and non-existence of marriage
  • alimony (per adult child, between spouses, relatives, alimony adjustment, etc.)
  • recovery of maintenance
  • agreements on settlement of joint property of spouses
  • determination of parenthood (determination and denial of paternity)
  • regulation of contact with a minor child
  • limitation and deprivation of parental responsibility
  • adoption
  • representation in proceedings relating to the aforementioned areas

Family law is a specific legal field that our law firm has been dealing with since its foundation. We always emphasize the interests of the client, which always comes first, but in most cases concerning family law, we cannot ignore human stories, children's interests, etc., which we try to explain to clients. Winning in court alone may not be the right win in life, so we always try to find a way to reach an agreement.

In terms of the volume of cases handled, JUDr. Jaromír Štůsek has been identified as a divorce attorney or lawyer, as evidenced by the considerable experience he has in this issue and the cases he has already helped the divorcing spouses. We can also assist you in recovering the maintenance due, where the husband typically does not pay the specified alimony. Alimony treatment procedures (maintenance increase / maintenance reduction) are also common cases.

We try to cooperate with mediators before the dispute itself, which can save clients considerable resources. The list of mediators can be found on the website of the Ministry of Justice.

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