Didn't pay you your salary or severance pay? Has your employment relationship been terminated? Did you get an accident at work? Did your employer or employee cause you damage?

Areas of labor law in which we offer comprehensive services related to employment relationships:

  • Employment (employment contracts, probation periods, fixed-term contracts, etc.)
  • changes in employment (transfer to another job, business trip, transfer, etc.)
  • termination of employment (dismissal, immediate termination of employment, termination agreements, claims for invalid termination of employment, etc.)
  • agreements on work done outside employment (work contracts)
  • working hours and rest periods (breaks, overtime, on-call time, etc.)
  • remuneration (wages, salaries, overtime pay, wages in kind, compensatory leave, etc.)
  • reimbursement of expenses related to work performance (travel expenses, etc.)
  • obstacles to work on the part of the employee (maternity leave, parental leave, etc.)
  • barriers to work on the part of the employer (claims for wage compensation during downtime, etc.)
  • damages (pain compensation and difficult social application, etc.)

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